I’m the guy who quotes films, much to the irritation of fellow moviegoers, friends, family, etc.  As long as I can remember, commercial catchphrases and things of the sort were easy to remember.  Other more important, tangible, useful things, not so much.

This blog is primarily for the purposes of reviewing the 501 Must-See Movies as I watch, or re-watch, them.  I had originally just planned on watching all 501 movies on the list, but a while back I thought, “Hey, I could also write reviews.”  Nearly two years later, I’m still not sure if that was a good idea.  This is something I enjoy doing in my free time.  As you may notice, I can knock out two or three reviews in an evening and then go weeks without writing anything.

I enjoy all kinds of films.  If there’s good acting and at least decent writing, chances are I’ll enjoy it to some degree.  I’ve never been into horror films (and I’m not looking forward to the 50 or so for the project I will probably watch).  I don’t want to come out of a movie scared, I don’t know, that’s just me.

With that, enjoy the blog.



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Seeing as you’ve never had a comment, and this blog is 5 years old now, I figured I’d let you know I just stumbled upon it. I also see that you put it down for a while between posts after 2015, then recently picked it up again. Good for you! I just watched the Untouchables again last night. Makes me want to wear a suit everyday now. Movie is as old as me and my BMW. Are you still updating the list to reflect what you’ve watched?

    • Thanks for the visit. This is more of a side-project/hobby, and life has gotten a little crazy the last couple of years. My goal is to try and post one or two reviews a month as time allows for it.

      As far as I know the list is current. The plan is to review any movies I haven’t previously seen right after I watch them.

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