Branching Out

I’ve gone back and forth over the last few weeks on a new direction for this blog,  I enjoy reviewing the movies from this list, otherwise I wouldn’t do it.  However, I feel limited by these 501 movies.  They certainly aren’t the only ones I watch, and there have been a few movies I’ve seen recently that I’d like to share my opinion about.

Another issue I’ve had to deal with is whether this should stay exclusively a movie blog, or expand into other hobbies and passions in my life (disc golf, gardening, cooking, etc.).  That will be for another time.

This will stay a movie review blog, but now with a slightly different format.  The movies for the 501 must-see movies project will be noted with a Movie #X: Movie Title, as has been the format for the last dozen or so movies.  The non-project movies will simply have the title and year of release.

With that in mind, I will be seeing Before Midnight (2013) in the theaters today, as it is the last day it’ll be in a theater anywhere close to where I live.  Review will follow.


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