Juno (2007)


This was a movie that I originally thought, “Holy cow this movie is great!”  Since then I have toned my opinion back quite a bit, though I still enjoy this one every once in a while.

One of the things that bothers me the most about this movie is the quick-wit and obscure references that borders on screwball comedy.  I enjoy a bit of that, but I feel like the writers took it way over the edge, especially with Juno’s character.  Another movie that makes reference to this is Disaster Movie.  They use the Juno-esque character to say, “It’s called over-writing man.”  She said this after an obscure reference, and while I detested Disaster Movie, I felt they made a valid point.  Some of a certain thing is good, but a lot tends to get annoying and tedious.

One of the things that I liked the most about this movie was the realism, especially with Juno’s parents.  When they first hear that Juno is pregnant, it was very genuine in how Mac asks his wife if he had screwed up, but only after keeping his cool when Juno is in the room.  J.K Simmons was made for a role like this.  The support he gives throughout the pregnancy and candid honesty was refreshing.  I do not know what it is like to be a parent, but I would like to think I’d be that way if something like this were to happen sometime down the road.

This was the role that made both Ellen Page (who received an Oscar-nomination for her performance) and Michael Cera significantly bigger acting roles.  I hadn’t seen Cera in much before this movie, but after watching a few of his other movies/tv performances, he seems to have one role.  He plays the awkward quiet guy who’s in the indie crowd.  I just feel like he’s become more of a typecast since then.

Jason Batemen and Jennifer Garner’s characters make for a very beautiful couple.  Knowing where their marriage goes through by the end of the movie, it makes sense and you can tell that Bateman’s character doesn’t want to grow up and become a dad in their first meeting.  He seems like the man who still holds on to youthful dreams.  This was also one of Jason Bateman’s first major movie roles (though he and Cera worked wonderfully on Arrested Development).

I also appreciated how Juno’s youth and naivety are portrayed, and Ellen Page does a good job playing .  The fact that she doesn’t understand that it’s inappropriate for her to be spending time with a married man demonstrates this.

On the whole I felt this movie was good, through at times I felt like it screamed “I’M AN INDIE FILM I’M NOT MAINSTREAM THAT MAKES ME COOL!”  The realism is what makes this movie good, and helps me look past the nit-picky things I don’t like.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.


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